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Training available to all users

New to Works? Need a refresher? This Welcome to Works video gives a detailed introduction to Works: what it is, how activities are entered, and how faculty run reports.

Welcome to Works

Open training sessions for faculty are offered throughout the year. These group training sessions focus on importing publications, reviewing and managing imported data (grants, teaching, and advising), and manual data entry in Works. Please bring any specific questions and we are happy to answer them. If registering for a virtual event, meeting information will be emailed prior to the session. The next virtual training sessions for faculty are on:

  • Wednesday, March 6th at Noon
  • Wednesday, April 17th at Noon
  • Monday, June 3rd at 1:00 pm


If you have additional questions or training needs:

  • Faculty: If you have additional questions or training needs, please contact [email protected] to request a training.
  • Proxies (i.e. staff members entering data on behalf of faculty): Please review our training videos and resources. If you are in the Medical School, refer to the additional resources provided by the MS-OFA team.

User Guides

Read these guides to access detailed information about using Works. Learn more about this online tool with training materials tailored to your specific college/unit.

College/Department Guides




Twin Cities 

Works: How to Import Publications

New Faculty Orientation Works Welcome