For College and Department Administrators

Getting Started

Implementing Works for the purpose of annual faculty activity reporting provides a great pathway for your college or department to discover the benefits of a single point-of-entry for capturing faculty activities and accomplishments. 

Benefits of implementing for for the purpose of Annual Faculty Activity Reporting:

  • Replace outdated or time-consuming paper forms
  • Faculty are asked only to enter activities for one year, limiting time spent on data entry
  • “Push-button” annual college report and departmental annual report available
  • Training provided to all faculty by the Works team
  • Begin to build year-on-year database for future trend data collection and analysis
  • College-wide standardization of annual activity report

Below is an example of the steps taken in a typical implementation of Works.

Phase I - Implementation (Year 1)

  1. Consultation with deans, department heads, and faculty governance to discuss the benefits and challenges in implementation
  2. Drafting and acceptance of a project charter outlining milestones and project scope
  3. Training provided for faculty and administrators
  4. Faculty enter accomplishments for one full year of activity and submit their annual activity report through Works

Phase II - Support (Year 2 and beyond)

  1. Annual debrief to discuss enhanced use of data and reporting
  2. Annual review of user accounts
  3. Continued training provided by the Works team for new faculty and “refresher training” for all interested faculty
  4. Strategic planning for using Works to support other business processes, such as accreditation, external relations, expertise search, or faculty web profiles

We also recognize that every unit has unique needs and goals. Works can be implemented at a level and pace that fits your unit. If you are ready to explore taking advantage of what Works can offer, contact the Works team at [email protected].

Running Reports in Works

Once the faculty members in your college or department have entered their information into Works, you can use the Run Reports function to generate aggregate reports that summarize the activities of the faculty in your unit. There are a variety of different reports available to college administration. These can be used to support:

  • Accreditation reporting
  • Departmental summaries
  • Program review

Steps for running reports

  1. Click on “Reports”
  2. Select the report you wish to run
    Common reports include
    Departmental Annual Activity Report
    International Activities Summary Report
    Presentations Summary
    Public Engagement Summary Report
    Publications Summary
  3. Set your “Date Range”
  4. Select “Whom to Include”
    The report will default to include all users to whom you have access. To change this, click on “Change Selection” and select users or groups.
  5. Review other “Report Options”
    Most reports will allow you to change other report options, including citation style, show individual citations, group by department, etc.
  6. Select your “File Format”

If you have unique or specific reporting needs, please reach out to [email protected] and we would be happy to work with you.

Additional multi-year trend reports are available upon request. These are prepared by the Works team in Tableau and can be provided in pdf or tableau files.


Request a Consultation

Email the Works team at [email protected] to request a consultation with the Works team. We can provide you with detailed information and training in utilizing Works within your college, department, or other unit.