Call for Job Placement Information: Vice Provost Scott Lanyon recently contacted faculty in Ph.D. granting departments requesting information about job placement of recent doctoral advisees and post-doctoral trainees.
If you have not used Works in the past, we encourage you to attend one of our training sessions to learn more about how to use the system. You are also welcome to contact us at worksadm@umn.edu with questions.


What is Works?

Works is an online faculty activity reporting system designed to make it easier for faculty to maintain and complete an accurate record of ongoing activities and accomplishments (teaching, research, service, awards, public and international engagement) that can be used to produce faculty activity reports as well as bio-sketches, accreditation reports, web site bios, and standardized University promotion and tenure CVs.

Works is a web-based system that runs on Digital Measures’ Activity Insight platform. Works represents the University’s customized implementation of this system. 

Who Uses Works?

Colleges and Departments use Works to collect data and run reports to support processes such as annual activity reporting, accreditation, and tracking faculty accomplishments.

Who Has Access to a Works Account?

Faculty and many instructional staff on all University of Minnesota campuses have active accounts and can use Works immediately, even if their college/campus has not yet adopted Works for Annual Activity Reporting.

We invite you to explore and provide feedback or ask questions. Please contact: Erin Edwards, Works Project Manager, at eedwards@umn.edu, or use this feedback form.

How does Works benefit users?

Works allows users to enter activity information once and use it for multiple purposes. For example, a user would enter a conference presentation only once and that information can be included in different types of reports such as a CV, annual activity report, accreditation report, bio sketch, or department web site bio. Users can enter information throughout the year and decide what information they wish to share.

To reduce the amount of manual entry, much of the information in Works is pulled from central databases. For example, official records about advising and scheduled teaching are entered into Works automatically. Faculty will also be able to import their publications from other databases, including:

  • Google Scholar
  • PubMed
  • Other Citation Managers
  • Experts@Minnesota

Watch the video below to learn more about Works, run by Digital Measures' Activity Insight

  • Import publication citations by linking directly to ORCID. Find out more about using this feature on the ORCID Imports page.

    Don’t have an ORCID account or interested in learning more? Visit this Libraries page.

  • New to Works? Need a refresher? Join the Works team at any of the upcoming training sessions, designed for all users and skill levels. Sessions will focus on importing publications, reviewing and updating imported data, and running useful reports. 
    Thursday, April 18: 9-11 AM (Minneapolis)
    Wednesday, May 1: 2-4 PM (Saint Paul)
    Tuesday, May 28: 10 AM-noon (Minneapolis)
  • As of April 2017, NSF announced new requirements for submission of Collaborators and Other Affiliations (COA) information. Works provides a new NSF Collaborators Report pre-formatted to meet the new requirements, and it is available to all faculty. To run this report, navigate to “Reports” on the top menu of your Works page.

Ready to begin using Works in your college or department? Visit our Getting Started with Works page!


The Works team is happy to answer your questions and help you navigate your Works account.

Email us directly at: worksadm@umn.edu

Thank you!