Web Profiles

Works can automatically populate web profiles!

Use Works data to update faculty web profile pages, saving time and reducing redundant data entry. Once gathered, your faculty activity data is always available in one place.

A new Drupal module is available to support departments and colleges in populating web profile pages with activities and accomplishments entered into Works. Developed and maintained by the Provost Office Web Communications Team, this module is now available for all interested units.

Digital Measures Module

The first step in importing a DM Web Profile list is to enable the Digital Measures Modules.

  • Select Extend > Digital Measures API, Digital Measures UMN Import, Digital Measures UMN Migrate, and Digital Measures UMN Storage and click Install.

After the modules have been successfully installed, you can begin importing the profile list.

  • Go to Structure and click Digital Measures Profile Settings
  • Entering Digital Measures Credentials and selecting your college
    Contact the Works team at [email protected] to request your DM credentials.
    • The Enter your Digital Measures Credentials button will take you to a Digital Measures widget page to enter your Digital Measures username and password. After you are done, click Submit and then return to the Digital Measures Profile Settings page to continue.
    • From the Digital Measures Profile Settings page, select a college to import from the drop down list. Then click the Select College button.
  • Manage manual and automatic imports
    • The settings on this page aids in the automatic and manual import of Digital Measures profile data.
    • A manual import will add new profiles and update previously imported profiles with the click of a button.
    • An automatic import allows you to set a duration to routinely import and update profiles in the background.

The Digital Measures Module has three sub menu items in addition to the main menu item:

  • Structure > Digital Measures Profile Settings >
    • Digital Measures Profile entites: A list of Digital Measures profiles where you can view edit and delete imported profiles.
    • Profile Fragment List: A list of additional pieces of content from all of the profiles where you can view, edit and delete the additional pieces of content that can be related to a profile such as "Media Appearances", "Grants", "Intellectual Property" etc.
    • Profile Fragment List Type: The categories of the additional pieces of content that provides a list of the different types of content that can be related to a profile.

Module Requests, Enhancements and Bugs

Use the form below to submit a new Works module feature request. Your submission will be live as soon as you hit the "Submit" button. Requests will be reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the University web community.